How do I configure Roadrunner email on the iPhone 2022

Roadrunner’s email settings are able to be configured across multiple devices that could be running different OS applications, including iOS. The setup steps may differ from device to device, however it is fairly easy for iPhones. Additionally, it is advised to use IMAP settings to get emails from the RR accounts on the iPhone. In addition, POP3 settings could also be helpful, however IMAP settings are highly advised.

In this tutorial you’ll discover the easy steps to set up Roadrunner emails. IMAP setting for iPhone Outgoing server settings as well as the POP3 settings. Therefore, continue reading.

Adding Roadrunner Email Settings iPhone: Process

The steps below will assist you set up the Roadrunner email settings for the Outgoing server on your iPhone and IMAP settings. IMAP settings. So, continue reading.

  1. In the settings of the iPhone and scroll down until „Mails, Contacts and Calendars” option, select „Passwords and Accounts”.
  2. Click „Add Account” followed by Other” Then, select”Add Mail Account” and then „Add Email Account” option once more.
  3. Now, you must provide the details for the required information:
    • Your Name
    • Roadrunner Email Address
    • Account Password
    • Description (optional)

  4. Select Next, then you’ll be prompted by verification messages to verify your account to enter the server details and the RoadRunner mail sign-in information like:
  1. Account Type: IMAP
  2. Outgoing Server
  3. Sending Server
  4. Username is in the
  5. Your RR account password
  6. Incoming Server port number (IMAP): 993
  7. Outgoing Server port number (SMTP): 587
  8. SSL is enabled for both IMAP and IMAP settings.

Finally, click either the Checked or Yes choice to authenticate your permission to use the previously mentioned Roadrunner setting for emails.

Setup Roadrunner Email POP3 Settings on iPhone

Follow the below steps to configure your Roadrunner POP3 server settings in your iPhone.

  1. Go to your „Mail, Contacts and Calendar” section of the Settings. Then, select „Add Account”, and select „Other”.
  2. Click „Add Mail Account”, and then send the following details of your RR email:
  1. Your Name
  2. Roadrunner email address
  3. Password
  4. Description (optional)

  5. Verify the details Then, select Roadrunner mail settings from POP3 on the outgoing mail server. After that, input the following information for both outgoing and inbound mail servers:

    • Hostname as
    • Username: Your RR email address
    • Password: Your RR account password
    • Hostname:
    • Username: Your RR email address
    • Password: Your RR account password

  6. Choose „Save”, then tap on the email address of your RR and choose your SMTP options from your mail server that you are sending to.
  7. Choose from „Main Server” section, then select None for SSL & 25 for Server port.
  8. Choose Done, then choose „Advanced” from the previous page, then select the option of „none” for SSL and for the Server port.
  9. Click Done and then restart your iPhone device. After that, you’ll be able to see that your Roadrunner email settings are now successfully created.

Thus you’ll be able to create you can set up the Roadrunner mail IMAP setting on your iPhone as well as POP3 and outgoing server settings quickly. If you have questions about this, you can get in touch with RoadRunner tech-support. Roadrunner email support.